Thee guides section provides information on various aspects of game play. Check back often as new guides will be provided and existing guides will be updated frequently.

Summary Updated
Augment Faction - Unlocking Augment Space The Augment faction has been around for a while but unlocking Augment space is not straight forward. This guide uncovered how to unlock the Botany Bay and get into Augment space. 06-08
Borg Armadas With the release of Borg armadas this guide will help understand the Borg Armadas and how to beat them. Now Updated for Mega Cube! 05-18
Combat Mechanics (Basic) A basic guide to how game combat mechanics work in Star Trek Fleet Command. The guide breaks down damage types, how it applies and mitigation. 05-25
Finding Raiding Targets With the relative scarcity of relocation tokens combined with the time and resources it takes to crack bases being able to identify targets with a higher chance of success is critical. 12-29
Hostile Hunting What to do when killing hostiles and crew setups (you know those red things) 05-14
Hull Breach, Burning and Morale Ohh My! Overview of the Major Abilities and their hidden effects! 09-24
Officer Leveling With Limited XP, Precious Faction Credits and Rare Officer Tokens which officers are critical to max? 09-23
Reaching Dark Space (Deep Space) Guide on Dark Space, how to get there, what is needed and what to expect when your get there. 09-08
The Armada Guide Armadas have been out for a while yet the understanding behind them is still limited. Bigger armadas equal bigger rewards, lets talk about how to get there. 09-23