Ten of Ten (10of10) - The Tribble Officer Review

A review of Ten of Ten and his practical application when it comes to mining. Is he worth the hard earned event points, money or any other way of acquiring him?


With 10of10 being released as part of the rewards for the Borg Event I thought I would provide a review of this officer, some examples and let you make the decision if this tribble worth your hard earned reward tokens. 

10 of 10

Initial Impresions

Underwhelming.... My T4 faction miner went from 11,500 per hour to 13,000 isn't a Epic mining officer worth more then this?!?! But, I took a little time to digest the officer and what the little furball adds. First let's look take some real life examples to help people in different scenarios. 

First let's look at a Tier 5 Horizon with my current research it mines at 4620 *3 per hour.


T5 Horizon mining


With Ten as captain we can see the mining rate goes up to 7260 not a bad increase at all. The is because he is the only thing boosting mining rate aside from research. 

T5 Horizon mining with 10of10


Ok, now lets add Barot and T'pring for the Synergy bonus to the Horizon and we can see the max mining rate I can achieve is 9570 which is an improvement of almost 2200. 

T5 Horizon Max Crew


So why does this happen? Like most bonuses in STFC they are based off the base attribute (Hull, Damage or in this case mining rate). So as they start to stack we see diminishing returns additionally by taking away one of the mining crew Barot's synergy bonus is reduced. 

Barot with max synergy is a 100% bonus to mining rate with crystal, by replacing one of the officers the synergy bonus is reduced and his total bonus drops to 70%. This means the real bonus to mining amount for Ten in the first rank is 50% (70 + 80 = 150%) vs (100% Barot max Synergy) .

When you couple that with the faction miner bonus we will use Tier 4 to start at 144%. Now with Barrot and normal crew the mining bonus is 244% swapping that takes it up to 294%. That takes the overall increase down to 20% and that is not taking into consideration research. So overall the boost in mining to a faction miner with the correct crew is not a game changer. 

Faction Miner with Ten

Other Applications

As you dive into Ten of Ten and think about how to really maximize him. You can think about other applications

Multiple Boosted Miners:
Ten can be used on a second miner to increase the mining rate to the point you can mine 2 nodes of the same type efficiently.

Perfect Joaquin Complement:
Joaquin's captain ability has long been used to increase his protected cargo but its always been at the expense of mining rate. Not any more you can use Joaquin and by sacrificing some synergy you can have increased protected cargo and mine well.

Pesky Mining Missions:
Ten of Ten is a double whammy when mining Parsteel, Tritanium or Dilithium, he gets the bonus to both general mining rate but his captain ability further increases mining of these resources.

General Mining Bonus:
First boost to any type of mining and the only boost to Latinum.

Wrapping it up

After getting over the initial disappointment in the increase in my mining rate. Taking a moment to digest and think of all the other ways this officer can be used I think he is a valuable addition to anyones hanger. He is truly versatile in how he can be applied, maybe i’ll even update this with a Pike/Ten combo. 

Plus, lets face it no one is going to turn down another 1.5k per hour