Patch 35: Duality Arc

This week saw the launch of the new Duality Arc in STFC. This patch brings a lot of new features including Cloaking, new officers, new systems and more. The patch notes are linked below but there are some things not mentioned in the patch notes worth taking note of!

  • Operations Max level has increased to 60
  • G5 Released including the Enterprise D
  • All Level 3 territories now have the Jelly service
  • Reputation cap has been increased above 1 billion with it still locking at 1 billion like the 10 mil lock before

Key Announcements:

  • Romulan and Klingon ships now have cloaking!
  • 4of10 adds another improved mining officer and more cargo for raiding!
  • Epic Warf is a major PvP addition.
  • Photon tokens have been released and updated loyalty chests including 4* for Ops 40+

Check out the full patch notes below.