Base Looting: Super Speed Style

So you've cracked a base but its on the other side of the system and around a planet that has no openings. Or you've got a base that players are trying to defend... How do you get in, get out and get that sweet loot. Check out the blog section to learn more!

Blog: Base Looting: Super Speed Style!

I know it's been a bit since a front page update but rest assured there has been a lot of back end and content updates from systems, to missions to items and more. Check back soon as I know I have promised an armada guide as well!

Ding Dong G3 Flippers Are Gone!

Scopley has made some more changes to improve the game! I had already touched on the Nanoprobes in one of my earlier posts, all 3 of these are good improvements to the game and make getting the needed G3 for refinery and dailies easier! See the text below from Scopley about the changes and yes before you ask I will update all the systems to reflect the change.


Improvement: More G3 Nodes. 
Developer Comments: As our player base is growing, so is the demand for more G3 mining nodes. We have increased the supply of G3 nodes around the galaxy in order to account for this growth. 

Patch 19 - Update

Firstly, for those who are looking to unlock the Battlee Pass epic rewards there are 2 packs. The link in the Battle Pass window takes you directly to the $99 pack but there is a $19.99 pack in the event store. My inital thoughts is the $19.99 pack is the better value at this time. Secondly, you can now exchange nanoprobes for Independent credits in the Event Store!


  • New officers added to the Officers section. 
  • New Augment Mission chains added to the Missions Section.

Coming Very Soon:

  • New Officer Blog
  • Blog to Unlock the new routes to Augment Space
  • Augment Guide

STFC Patch 19 - Augment Rework!

Star Trek Fleet Command Patch 19 was released today with major new updates to the Augement Faction! I wanted to give a couple quick updates with a more detailed blog coming. 

Key Updates:

  • New Officers! - Will be in the officers section shortly. (Unlocked in the Augment Store)
  • New Augment Missions - Will have Mission guides soon. (Unlock in the Augment Store)
  • Finally a reliable way to get the Hacked Legionary, D3 and Mayflower (Augment Store)
  • Data Mining rate is drastically increased
  • Data nodes are much more plentiful 
  • Data nodes are much smaller... In my opionion too small

Noticed Bugs:

  • Seems appear stuck on nodes after they leave

Scopley's Official Patch Notes: