Patch 26 Released!

Patch 26 has been released and with it several new and exciting new features. We have the first batch of original series officers which I will go into in more detail in a upcoming blog. We have new missions, and the first reliable way to obtain the ISS Jellyfish. Expect a more detailed breakdown of the patch and its impact soon. Check out the patch notes below.


Georgiou... Burning just got Real!

Couple updates!!! With the addition of Georgiou burning got a big boost! Let's talk about why it's such a game changer what impact it has on other officers and one ship in particular.  Head over to the blog section to check out why.... or as always click the link below. Also, more missions have been added, officers updated, as well as other content added. Officer synergy coming soon!

Georgiou... Burning just got Real!


The long overdue Armada Guide

One of the most requested Guides I have had requested of me is an armada guide. I started writing it a long long time ago but with how busy real life had been it had fallen to wayside... until now. Part one of the Armada guide has been released, it covers armada basics, requirements and strategy behind them. Please stop over to the guides section to check it out. Or be lazy and just click the link below. 

The Armada Guide

Dark(Deep) Space Guide Added

Been a while since and update rest assured content is still being added to the site. With the release of patch 22 and yet another new ship there will be lots coming. 

To start off a guide on how to reach Dark Space has been added, check out the guides section to figure out how to get there. 

Missions continue to be added and the new content is being populated with officers, missions, systems and ships. 

Patch 21!

Today's maintenance brings us patch 21 with

  • New officers
  • Epic Exchange Armadas
  • New Missions
  • Improvements to Data Mining and Stella scrapping

Bug Fixes include changes to Pike.... this could be major so stay tuned!

See Scopely's official patch notes below. 

STFC Offical Patch Notes/

Patch 20 and Outlaws Part 2 Missions!

Yesterday saw the release of Patch 20 and a delayed Outlaws Part 2.. The missions section has been updated with the first set of missions, there is a lot of warping around involved so make sure you read up on the missions before you end up with long warps! Check out the missions section which starts with the mission.

What You Sow

Check out the release notes below and expect more updates about the patch soon!

STFC Patch 20 Offical Release Notes