Patch 36: Duality Arc Part 2

With the launch of Duality Part 2 we dive into the second part of the highly successful Duality Arc. As always the patch notes are listed below but not mentioned is a major change to the game economy. 

  • G4 Common has been reduced from 10 Latinum to 4
  • G5 Common has been reduced from 20 Latinum to 10

This is a major improvement to those trying to get past the low to mid 40's! The rest of the patch notes are below.


Away Teams, Officer Traits and more!

Several updates to the site, Officer Traits are here!!! Well, actually they have been here for a few days now but the announcement has been lacking. Let's get into the updates. 

Officers: Officers are 100% up to date and not include their traits. Additionally, you can now filter officers by Trait. 

Away Teams: Away teams have been added to the site! Not only can you see the away teams you can use this tool to help plan the officers who have the desired right form the away team view! While we work to discover how the Away Team rewards scale there are several of the same Away Team mission at different levels to help everyone see the difference in rewards.  

Fixes: Several fixes to the data supporting buildings and officers. 

Next Steps: Research is still on the roadmap and continued effort in cleaning up the Officer and Away Team views.

Patch 35: Duality Arc

This week saw the launch of the new Duality Arc in STFC. This patch brings a lot of new features including Cloaking, new officers, new systems and more. The patch notes are linked below but there are some things not mentioned in the patch notes worth taking note of!

  • Operations Max level has increased to 60
  • G5 Released including the Enterprise D
  • All Level 3 territories now have the Jelly service
  • Reputation cap has been increased above 1 billion with it still locking at 1 billion like the 10 mil lock before

Key Announcements:

  • Romulan and Klingon ships now have cloaking!
  • 4of10 adds another improved mining officer and more cargo for raiding!
  • Epic Warf is a major PvP addition.
  • Photon tokens have been released and updated loyalty chests including 4* for Ops 40+

Check out the full patch notes below. 

New Section Building Details/Requirements

With the loss of LCARS there has been a void in the data available to players... As mentioned in the last post lots of new things are in the works... The first of such is the Buildings Details Preview!.. Over the past couple days almost 2,000 building entries have been added to the database providing all the relevant data to plan your upgrades! Head over to the buildings section to check it out! Please remember this data is still in preview!


Patch 32: TNG Part 3

Today launches the 3rd part of the TNG Arc with it we bring:

  • New Officer: Epic William Riker.
  • New Ship: The Meridian. (Isogen Miner!)
  • Four new Research Nodes.
  • Four new Ship Refits! (Bonuses to G4 Miners)
  • Fifteen new Missions.
  • Four new Avatars.
  • Three new Frames.
  • A new Battle Pass!
More to come as the patch sets in and the battle pass is rolled out. Also lots of updates coming to this website after a lul in new content!

STFC Patch 32 Release Notes

Patch 30: Away Missions, TNG, Make it so!

Wow, a lot to unpack here! This is quite possibly one of the biggest releases in STFC todate. 


  • The Next Generation is here with epic officers focused on hostiles/armadas (more on this later).
  • Away missions, ways to use officers when not on ships. 
  • New research tree, using new resources but new bonuses including increased cargo!

More updates as they are released of course see the patch notes below. 

Patch 30 Release Notes
Away Teams

Patch 28: Ship Skins and more!

Today brings us the TOS Arc Part 3:


While not live yet the big updates are:

  • New ship skins which provide ship improvements.
    • Currently all skins are hostile bonused. 
  • 2 New officers (TOS Scotty and TOS Chekov)
  • New battle pass
  • New events

Once it goes live, thoughts and feedback to follow. Patch notes are listed below.