Patch 27: Thoughts

With patch 27 and its effects settling in, some thoughts and feedback about how the changes impact gameplay.
Patch 27: Thoughts

Ticketed Events: I know there was some pushback and confusion but in general I like the style of the ticketed events. It gives the players the ability to complete the events and target the rewards they choose. If a player doesn't have a lot of time that day they can save the tickets and do more events another day. 

Worms: For the most part the worms have been mostly a non factor aside from a couple leaderboard events. Not seeing much of a point for them but this could change. 

Ship Targeting: Mixed emotions on this one... Gone are the days of being able to speed in and scoop loot with a Botnay Bay and get away before anyone can target you. Makes base raiding yet again harder. 

New Officers: The new officers introduced as part of this Arc are immediatly useful and in many cases for smaller players a improvement over older officers. This is a drastic difference from those in the Discovery arc which most people are still left with low and ineffective officers. 

G4 Ship Repair Reduction: Something needed to happen here and I am glad to see they didn't go too far in the process. G4 ships were horribly expensive to repair (and still are) but that also provided a barrier to using them. If they get too cheap the normal players out there have little chance to do anything against them. At least now the whales need to really want to use them. 

New Research: There was some initial pushback about the new research being ops 40 only. Honestly though how many sup ops 40 players are out of research at this point?