Reaching Dark Space (Deep Space)

Guide on Dark Space, how to get there, what is needed and what to expect when your get there.

Dark Space, Deep Space, Gold Jacket, Green Jacket... What is it?

Dark Space or called by some "Deep Space" is a new area of space that was unreachable until its release in late 2019. Even after its release it was only accessible by the elite few. Now as time passes and rewards have improved more and more players are reaching the point they can access these new systems.

Warp Range:
These systems have very long warp ranges that start at 56 and quickly go up to 120. 

The reason it's called Dark Space is your cannot see what is in the systems until you have a ship inside them. As soon as you take a ship out of the space you can no longer see who or what is inside. 

G4 mining is possible, if you can get a ship there to mine you raw G4 is available, being able to refine it is a different story. 

Deep Space System


  • Operations 38
  • Ability to kill a 1.4 mil ship
  • Faction reputation and credits for all commendations
  • A ship with warp range 56+

Unlocking it Mission Chain

Unlocking Dark Space is done with a series of missions one of which is reaching operations level 38. Once you complete the missions the space becomes available. While the entire list of missions is not in this list by the time you reach level 38 you should be able to pick up the chain from the list below. 

Here are the missions (in order):

In the End

This is not the end of the chain but at this point you have now unlocked Dark Space, new missions, new systems and expand yourself deeper into the depths of the unknown.

If you've made it this far congrats on level 38 and reaching the next generation of content.