Augment Faction - Unlocking Augment Space

The Augment faction has been around for a while but unlocking Augment space is not straight forward. This guide uncovered how to unlock the Botany Bay and get into Augment space.


The Augment faction was introduced as the 4th faction in the game bringing with it a new type of mining...Data and a new ship the Botany Bay purposefully designed with data mining in mind. Additionally new officers the Augments have specific abilities to crack open player bases to be able to raid their resources. 

Accessing Augment space is locked away and the path to unlock it is not exactly clear.

Unlocking the Path

To get into Augment space you need to build the Botany Bay and to do that you need to discover the Augment faction and gather the blueprints from missions. 

The path to Augment space starts in Lycia at the planet Wugenat with a mission called "Uncaged" which starts a chain with "Misdirection", "One Man's Trash", "Reunions" and "Lessons of the Past". Upon completing the chain you should have discovered the Augmenet faction and be able to access the store. From there you can get 6 blueprints a day. The maximum blueprints you can get is 36 in the first day, the rest will come every 24 hours in the Augment Faction store until you can build the ship. 

Here are links to all the missions that grant Botany Bay blueprints remember you need to complete the chain to unlock the Augment faction and get the 6 free a day to complete the ship.

Primary Mission Chain:

Additional Missions:

Once you have all the blueprints and can build the Botany Bay the mission "Retrofit" should be able to be completed. This unlocks the path into Augment space and the first couple systems as well as Joaquin the second officer to boost protected cargo!   

Data Mining

There are two types of data to be mined in Augment Space "Corrupted" and "Decoded". The best ship for mining both of these is the Botany Bay. There are several factors that impact the speed in which you mine data. 

  1. The Tier of the Mining Laser of the Ship
  2. The level of the Botany Bay
    • This is not just the Tier like most ships but actually the level of the ship impacts the rate in which it mines DRASTICALLY! This is widely overlooked so dont forget this!
  3. The level of Joaquin 
    • Joaquin provides a bonus to data mining rate and as he is promoted this bonus goes up. 
  4. The deeper you are into Aument Space
    • General rule of thumb is the higher level the system, the faster your able to mine data.