Base Looting: Super Speed Style

So you've cracked a base but its on the other side of the system and around a planet that has no openings. Or you've got a base that players are trying to defend... How do you get in, get out and get that sweet loot.

I give you Pan... and I don't mean Peter.

With the release of the new augment officers to mixed reviews, I will highlight one very useful configuration Pan for base raining. Why?... Pan increases the speed of the ship he is flying by 20%, combine that with another one of the augment officers to get the synergy bonus and your Horizon, Envoy, BB, or Faction Miner will be zooming across the system getting those precious scoops of RSS fast then ever!   

Here is the crew, remember to keep Stonn on because a little more speed does not replace the extra cargo per scoop. 

Raiding Crew


Now lets look at the speed of a miner without Pan... As you can see here the Antares has a speed of 75. 

Normal Miner


Now we add Pan and Rima and see the speed jump up to 101! That is over 25% faster impulse speed which means faster looting and less chance of getting caught by defenders!

Fast Miner


Augment officers have always been about base raiding so in some aspects perhaps these aren't so far off the mark. Hope all this helps, remember to use this crew on your biggest and best miner to get the biggest and fastest scoops out of those bases. Get out there and Raid Happy my Friends!