Tip of the day: Alliance Helps

Finding it hard to get the 50 helps for your daily or that battle pass event? We got you covered.

The Problem: Getting the most out of the Help Button

A long time part of the daily quests and now the Unity BP event getting helps for the alliance is key to complete these events. In some cases it can seem hard to complete. This article consists of a couple tricks to help you complete your help dailies/missions. 

Help All: Not your Friend

The "Help All" button is a great tool to quickly help all the members of your alliance who need it. You would think that pressing that button would also give you the number of helps as the people asking... It does not! Instead the "Help All" button counts as a single help in the count of dailies and missions. 

Tip: Hit each help individually until your reach your total. 

STFC Help Screen

Alliance Contributions

If you are still short on helps every time you do a alliance contribution you get credit for a help! While it costs RSS it gives your the needed help and it helps the alliance grow and have space for more members!

Tip: Alliance Contributions count as a help.

Alliance Contributions


I hope this helps everyone complete the unity events and their dailies.