Georgiou... Burning just got Real!

With the addition of Georgiou burning got a big boost! Let's talk about why it's such a game changer what impact it has on other officers and one ship in particular.

Georgiou - The Savior of Burning

So Georgiou, you may ask what is the big deal about her? Burning has been around for a long time and there are several officers who are able to start burning, more then can kickoff Morale even, what makes Georgiou so special?

Georgiou approaches Burning the same way that Kirk approaches Morale by kicking it off at the START of a round. Now the word Start is critical here as many officers who depend on burning need burning to be active at the start of the round for their ability to work. Additionally, Georgiou is the first officer who can kick off burning at the start of a fight and keep it active for the entire fight!

Georgiou vs Nero - The Death Match

Let's compare this to the other big burning officer, Nero. Nero has a chance to trigger burning for 2 rounds when hitting a target with a weapon. This means there is no chance of burning being active at the start of the round and the round that he triggers burning counts as one of his two rounds.  This gives Nero a burning on/off effect and limits the effectiveness of officers that rely on burning to trigger their abilities. So under best cases officers that use burning will work in rounds 2,4,6,8 etc.... This means 1/2 of the time their ability is useless... It also means officers like D'jaoki who can be used to mitigate the massive damage caused by the Saladin in round 1 are useless. Nero is also triggered by hits to the ship so to get Burning to trigger consistently he needs to be used on a ship that shoots a lot. Georgiou on the other hand triggers at the start of the round which means the officers who rely on her also do... This also means her burning lasts the full two rounds vs 1 with Nero. Additionally her burning kicks off regardless of the number of shots the ship makes.


  • Relies on guns firing
  • Officers do not trigger the round burning starts
    • 0% chance of having officers up round 1.  
  • Best case is 50% uptime for burning. 


  • Triggers at the start of the round not based on guns. 
  • Officers trigger the same time burning starts. 
    • 50-80% chance of having officers up round 1. 
  • Best case is burning up all the time like Kirk does with Morale. 

Side by side there is no comparison... Georgiou even at level 1 will keep Burning up more often then a max Nero and that means all the officers who rely on Burning will be much more effective. Additionally, you can now use burning on any ship... not just ships that fire a lot of shots. 

Nero Vs Georgiou

Old Officers, New Tricks!

Several officers rely on Burning much like Morale and Hull Breach. I would like to highlight two officers who greatly benefit from Georgiou. 

D'jaoki - "The Super Zhou"

Now that Burning is applied in the same way that Morale is D'jaoki becomes a incredibely powerful officer. Remember, the description of his officer ability is incorrect... He does the same thing that Zhou does... even better he goes up to 500% vs 300% on Zhou at max level. Also he has been generally available for much longer which means more people should have him at a higher level. 

Vemet - "The Anti-Spock"

Vemet's ability was recently buffed to be on par with Spock's but it was still mostly ineffective because there was no real way to reliable way to keep burning up to combat Spock and Morale. Now however with a reliable way to keep Burning going the ability to tear down shields will be an asset to counter Spock. 

Augur Docked

The Augur - Now with more Obliteration

Ship Buff Alert!!! The Augur's ability increases damage of ALL the weapons on the ship by a percentage that scales by level every time the Obliterator cannon hit the target while its burning. Before with Nero this was impossible to take advantage of every time it fired because of the on/off mechanic with nero mentioned above but not anymore! Let's look at the Augur firing pattern and the Nero burn cycle. We will use x's for when the gun fire and when Nero's Burning is active.

R 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Nero - x - x - x - x - x -
Oblit - x - - x - - x - - x

As you can see the Obliterator would only hit while burning 50% of the time. This means that the damage can scale much quicker now with burning up much more often.

Augur Main Gun


If you have an Augur this is a must have officer not only is it making burning much more viable as a loadout but its also making the Augur a damage machine. This is a buff that both the Augur as well as Burning needed.